4 amazing online RPGs

In RPGs or “Role Playing Games” a player takes up the role of a character in the game; and these players have to enact these roles either through character development, decision making or literal acting.

The original RPG was conducted via messages, but in the field of electronic media, there are many forms of it; one of them is online RPGs where many online players participate from all over the world and compete with each other. At any point of time, players can resume their games from the point where they had left it. There is a proper maintenance of scores and progress of every player.

The Power of Still Life Art: Paintings & Photography

What is Still Life Art?

‘Still life’ art has been around since man could draw and paint – whether with his hands or pencil. It is a form of art that usually depicts inanimate subject matter; it can be both natural and man-made. Still life only became a recognised genre and professional specialisation in the late 16th century and it continues to be a significant form of art. This form of art allows the artist more freedom when it comes to the composition element of the artwork when compared to landscape art that was created around the same time. Much of the art created during the 1700’s contained religious symbolism because of the objects depicted.

Photography Styles: Picturing the World

As humans we are fascinated with the world around us and are obsessed with capturing images of it whether it be with a paintbrush, camera or smart phone. Photography is one of the most popular past times and is a very competitive profession. There are so many different types of photography and each individual photographer has their own unique style.  Images are a huge part of the modern world they are seen in advertising, marketing and, of course, art galleries. It’s extremely interesting to see the variety of images that can be produced with the same piece of technology so let’s take a look at the various styles of photography that are out there and what they are used for.

How to become a better Photographer

Photography is a wonderful medium of art; it can be expressive, representational, emotive and even abstract. Today, when smartphones with integrated cameras are better than some digital cameras, everyone considers themselves a bit of a photographer. Taking photos has never been so popular, we see photos of food and selfies taking over Instagram and post funny snaps via snapchat on the smartphone. Although there are some superb images out there, there is more to photography than just point and snap. If you’re looking to become a more serious photographer or even a professional then here is how you can do it.

The Tools

They say a bad tradesman blames his tools for not getting the job done correctly, in photography this isn’t the case. A good photographer will need high quality, so do yourself a favour and trade in your old camera for a newer model by heading to this website. An SLR is the type of camera that you’ll need to create images of a professional standard. Make sure that you get all of the gear such as a tripod and array of lenses – make sure that your new camera can fit them first. You can find out all about the top camera models and get a load more photography from online articles.

Practise Practise Practise

Practise makes perfect so take pictures wherever you go – remember if you’re photographing people make sure that you ask for their permission first. If you’re not sure of anything or you’re looking to learn a certain technique you will benefit from taking a course in photography online, you can learn in your own time and at your own pace. You can learn so many tips and tricks from looking at the work of famous photographers – this also helps when you’re lacking in creativity and need a little inspiration.

Print Your Images

If you’re looking to sell your images you’ll need to find a high quality printer or printing service; photographs look amazing as canvas prints – you will find an excellent and affordable photographer printing service by clicking here. Keep a portfolio of work as you will be able to see how you have progressed from when you first started.

If you’re looking to better your photography skills, then take the above advice and get photographing. You are sure to see an improvement and you may even sell a few prints. If you are really confident with your work you could even think about setting up your own photography business.

5 Tips to be a Better Stage Actor

Shakespeare said, "All the world's a stage," but that's more true for some of us than others. There are brave souls among us who literally live their lives on stage (at least their working lives).